Terms & Conditions


You must read, understand, accept and agree to all terms and conditions of this Agreement before using the app and / or receiving the content contained therein. By accessing or using the site Optiktrijaya.Com, the User is deemed to have understood and agreed to the entire contents in the terms and conditions below. Terms and conditions can be changed or updated at any time without prior notice. Changes in terms and conditions will take effect immediately after being posted on the Optiktrijaya.Com website. If the User has objected to the terms and conditions that we have submitted in this Agreement, we strongly advise against using the Site.

1. terms of use of the site

When visiting and using the Optiktrijaya.Com website, including any features and services, Every User is required to comply with the following Site User requirements:

1. Minimum of 18 years old or Who already has legally recognized requirements fall under the Adult User category /regardless of Child Protection Law.

2. Access to this site is permitted only for the purposes and interests of shopping and information related to the service of this site.

3. Users are not allowed to reproduce, distribute, display, sell, rent, transmit, create derivative works from, translate, modify, reverse engineer, disassemble, disassemble or exploit the Optiktrijaya.Com site.

4. Users are not allowed to post and publish content that:

   1. It infringes any copyright, patent, trademark, service mark, trade secret or other proprietary rights.

   2. Threatening, obscene, indecent, pornographic or may result in any civil or criminal liability of Indonesia or international law.

   3. Contains bugs, viruses, worms, trap doors, Trojan horses or codes and other harmful properties.

5. The product offered is not a product made by Optiktrijaya.com

2. Review & Comment

1. All Comments, Review written, and images / photos / images uploaded on the Optiktrijaya.Com website will be categorized and treated as non-confidential content.

2. The reviews that have been written belong to Optiktrijaya.Com and are non-refundable.

3. Images / Photos / Images uploaded through the Customer Image feature are owned by each, Optiktrijaya.Com can not be sued for haki or photo etiquette.

4. You are prohibited from writing by using the identity of others.

5. You are prohibited from writing comments or reviews or images / images / images containing harassment / analogy of harassment against Optiktrijaya.Com or other third parties / communities.

6. Optiktrijaya.Com reserves the right to edit or delete comments, reviews and images / photos / images containing elements that are not eligible to show (SARA, Pornography, Harassment, Insult, Pollution, etc.).

3. Links

This Site may contain Internet links to other sites owned and operated by third parties. You need to know that we are not responsible for the operation or content located on the site.

4. Transactions

1. Prices are listed on the website Optiktrijaya.Com not include Shipping, Fleet or courier tariff out of town (expedition).

2. For online purchases through shopping carts, orders and shipments will be processed once the payment has been received by the bank account. The delivery time is adjusted to the service area of the destination area. For shipping who use the expedition, we work with the courier services services with accompanying insurance to prevent loss or damage during the trip.

3. Some items are not ex-stock so that a prior booking is required.

4. Items purchased can not be returned or exchanged for other goods, unless there is an agreement first.

5. Every effort has been made to ensure the accuracy of all information contained. Optiktrijaya.com does not guarantee with due respect to the accuracy of such data, including product specifications or editorial.

6. Optiktrijaya.com reserves the right to cancellation of credit card transactions if there is a purchase transaction of goods using credit card in violation of legal provisions and / or terms of provision of Optiktrijaya.com.

7. The User hereby declares to release Optiktrijaya.com from claims for damages for any claim or claim resulting from any misuse of credit card by any other party.

5. Product Description

Optiktrijaya.Com always try to give the product description as accurate as possible. But we can not 100% guarantee that all descriptions or content contained in the website are accurate, complete, current or error free. If the products offered by Optiktrijaya.Com do not match those listed in the product description, then you can return them in a new / unused state.